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The Router that Grows With You

Embrace a routing solution that evolves with your needs and complexities.

Features Overview


Built for speed, with dynamic imports, customizable bundling and prefetching.


Customize to your heart's content with plugins and declarative routing.

Developer Experience (DX)

Easy route management through meta and file-based routing.


Prefetch data and set guards effortlessly.

Multiple Routers

Integrate multiple router instances for complex UI structures.

Inline Pages

Display multiple pages simultaneously on the same layout, enhancing user experience.

State Management

Navigate through browser history while seamlessly restoring routes and their associated data.

SSR & Static Exports

Deliver fully rendered pages for improved SEO and faster initial load.

Intrigued? Dive deeper into Routify 3's capabilities. Check out our detailed Features Page.

Feature Previews

What's New in Routify 3

Rewritten from scratch, Routify 3 introduces a slew of new features and enhancements to elevate your development experience.

  • Multiple Routers: Manage complex UIs effortlessly.
  • Inline Pages: Experience multiple pages on a single layout.
  • Url Management: All routers can store their url in the address bar, localStorage or memory.
  • Enhanced Metadata Management: Support for asynchronous buildtime data, can be cached to optimize development.
  • Load Hooks: Run custom logic before a page loads to fetch data, handle redirects, or set HTTP status codes."
  • State Management: State Management: Preserve routes and data effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Improved core architecture for larger apps.
  • Flexible Plugins: Extend functionality without compromises.
  • Enhanced SSR & Prerendering: Now using Svelte's native SSR functionality.

Get Started

Initialize your Routify 3 project with a single command:

npm init routify@latest
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