🚨 Disclaimer: Routify 3 is currently in Release Candidate stage.

Please be aware that while the documentation is comprehensive, it may contain inaccuracies or errors. The codebase is also subject to changes that could affect functionality. We appreciate your understanding and welcome any feedback or contributions.





prop type description
meta object metadata of the node
children node[] Lists all children, ascending by order. To skip non-pages, use children.indexed
navigableChildren node[] List all children that can be visited. Eg. pages and modules
linkableChildren node[] List all navigableChildren that don’t have order set to false
name string the name is part of the URL that belongs to the respective node
path string the path from the root to this node
traverse function(path) returns a relative node
ancestors node[] Lists all ancestor nodes
descendants node[] Lists all descendent nodes
instance Instance reference to the router’s instance
level number distance to the root
root node reference to root node
isRoot boolean there are no nodes before this node